What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a marathon of innovation, usually 24-36 hours in which participants passionate about creating concepts and technology form teams and compete with other teams to generate, develop and/or implement a new idea from scratch in order to learn and have fun.

Is this in-person?

It’s not! Thanks to the Remo platform and local virtual experience experts Lunchpool, we will be hosting this hackathon virtually. Due to the indoors nature of a traditional hackathon with 100s of participants in close proximity, we chose not to pursue an in-person format due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As East TN heads to Phase 3 by the time of the hackathon, we will have a limited number of organizers on-site physically together to ensure that we can diagnose any potential problems that arise for the weekend / provide support for our participants; but 100+ events indoors are still not the best idea.

Where and when do I submit my project at the hackathon?


How much does it cost?

$10. For $10, we will provide you with a t-shirt (mailing details TBD) and the opportunity to apply your skills to win prizes. You just need to sign up and log-in during the event!

Who can come?

Any participants ages 18 and up of Knoxville and the surrounding counties are more than welcome to register and virtually attend. Since it’s virtual, anyone 18+ can participate, but keep in mind that the projects will be dealing with Knoxville specifically. If that’s no problem, come on and join us!

Where do I sleep?

Wherever your computer is.